Spiked gears cuff by ~Pinkabsinthe



Thank you Letty and Luu! ;__; everytime i answer something here i think you girls, didn’t saw it ;__; so thank you very very very much!! //hugs

Yeah me and my seatmate was talking about love so =))) it ended up stargazing //shot

Well, I don’t watch many people so I can’t miss my favorite posts :’3 And I love star gazing TT v TT It reminds me of my child hood. If I weren’t stupid, I would do researches about the universe ; w ;

You’re very welcomee~
Well I do, sometimes I just feel like I’d be a bother if I replied >////<

The BG with the stars really is nice `u`)~

Stargazing sounds nice >v< [I’m basically a person who’s always been living in really big cities, always the province capital OTL So I can’t see stars, only satellites ;A;]


Hi!! Long time no post &gt;w&lt; this is a drawing i did during religion class =)))) I hope you likey likey :3 =)))

Ahhh I agree with Letty! &lt;3 Your works have the cool vibe ;w;)bI really like how newat you line traditionally *v*
You like drawing people in profiles, don&#8217;t you? XP 

The more you look, the more you see.
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